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UFC Guidelines in Mixed Martial Arts Performance

Ultimate Fight Championship (UFC) Company, which is the pioneer and regulator of the performance of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), plays a major role in ensuring that MMA competitions are conducted in accordance to their regulations. Ideally, the regulations and guidelines employed by UFC are geared towards promoting palatable fighting techniques which make MMA a sport rather than a human cockfighting scenario.

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Even though there are very many guidelines that govern the performance of MMA, UFC categorizes them into various categories which makes them fully effective and reasonable to competitors, referees, judges and promoters. Outlined below are the guidelines at each category: Weight classification – This company’s regulatory commission has a set of 8 weight classes ranging from Flyweight (265 pounds). Only competitors within the same bracket are allowed to compete with only limited allowance to compete otherwise.

Fighting area guidelines – If the fighting area is a ring, the body sets the ideal size of the ring, height, extension of the floor past the ring and the material used to make the floor, ropes and posts. In addition, every ring needs to have a blue colored corner and a red colored corner on the opposite side.

Ring Equipments – Every ring needs to have a stool with dimensions that conform to the commission’s requirements. Competitors are also supposed to be provided with a water bucket and a bottle of clean drinking water both from promoters of the competition. Outlook and apparel – The commission defines the type of apparel to be used by participants as well as the ‘must-have’ facilities such as gloves and mouthpieces. In addition, the commission may also restrict a competitor from competing if he or she is untidy or has facial hair that impair referees judgment or puts any of the competitors at risk.

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Offences guidelines – These guidelines stipulates what is allowed and what is not allowed during a UFC fight. For instance, contenders are refrained from pulling their opponent’s hair or kicking on the groin. Types of contest results – Through these guidelines, the commission defines the various types of results which includes Technical knockout (TKO), Knockout (KO), win by submission, Decision via scoreboards, Disqualification, Forfeit, Technical Draw or No Decision.

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UFC Welterweight Title Fight Has Mixed Martial Arts Community Buzzing

Jesse Bongfeldt

MMA is abuzz with anticipation of the Ultimate Fighting Championship Welterweight Championship. This event, UFC 154, features GSP (Georges St. Pierre) making his debut comeback after being away from professional MMA for more than a year and a half. Treated for his successful knee reconstruction after an injury, St. Pierre was sent to the same surgeon who has performed the operation for an NFL quarterback. The UFC took care of the medical arrangements and everything is on pace to be quite the event.

The list of medical suspensions and injuries has been released today (Nov. 15, 2012) for those fighters competing at the UFC on FUEL TV 6: “Macao” event this past weekend (Nov. 10), which took place at the CotaiArena in the People’s Republic of China….More at UFC on FUEL TV 6 medical suspensions and injuries: Rich Franklin 

Although due to the many years GSP has left his mark on the MMA scene with his fighting spirit and big wins, some feel the current interim welterweight champion Carlos Condit deserves more credit and a share of the spotlight for his impressive showings in MMA especially with the UFC where his strong mixed martial arts secured him a string of six years without a professional loss.
Both the fighters Condit and St. Pierre, have had experience with the same trainer in times past, but the trainer decided he will not be in either fighter’s corner to keep everything fair.

Heading into the fight, MMA star GSP is a 3 to 1 favorite to win the welterweight title back, although Condit who is the current interim welterweight champion says he is confident he will fight a winning fight and leave the octagon as official welterweight champion.

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This would be a stunning upset to most in the MMA community due to how experienced St. Pierre is with big high stakes fights and yet Condit has been quite content to be seen in the shadows of other MMA stars in the past and let his mixed martial arts do all the talking he needs. As a result, both MMA fighters have decided to avoid any trash talk or rivalry before the title fight which many UFC fighters have engaged in during past main event preliminaries. In my opinion, this shows both St. Pierre and Condit to be class act MMA fighters.

So who do you want to win the welterweight champion title belt?

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Talking Pregnancy

Most people consider pregnancy as an easy task that requires less attention and care. In most cases, pregnancy is known to have different aspects that usually causes problems to pregnant women such as discomfort, anxiety, stress, morning sicknesses and change in digestion or appetite. Most women also feel irritated or frustrated at some points due to what is believed as natural changes in their body functions as well as hormones.

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Relaxation and comfort during pregnancy are very important since they are better for the baby and also considering other people in the households. Women should try and adapt these different attitudes and behaviors so as to create a good environment and also ensure that their bodies are calm. Easy relaxation can be achieved through hypnosis which is a natural state of relaxation of the body by giving the women access to their subconscious parts of their brain and mainly releases the un-useful thoughts in the brains.

Hypnosis can also be used in relieving and releasing fear, anxiety or tension both physically and mentally during pregnancy. This has been proven to effectively give positive results and helps a lot of mums all over the world including those that have negative expectations and focus on their babies and replace such negativity with positive thoughts and believes. Parental care should be administered as soon as pregnancy is noted so as to have the right directions and prescriptions and also ensure that the baby is at good state.

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Sleeping on their left side will also ensure that the baby is at comfortable position and that flow of blood is supplied to the baby and also other parts of the body such as kidneys and uterus. Pregnancy requires a lot of care and attention since there some dangers and infections that may arise during these stages and therefore regular clinical visits are always recommended. This will ensure that health issues such as infections or future complications will be handled during their early stages hence ensuring healthy pregnancy and safe delivery at the right time.

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Thinking about Getting Pregnant?

Deciding to have a baby can feel like a frightening decision, but it can also be an enjoyable and exciting time. Before you start counting the number of days to produce, you have more important things to consider than getting your timing right.

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The first thing is to consult your doctor:
Visiting your doctor can help you to identify aspects of your lifestyle that may need adjustment before you get pregnant, the issue of consulting the doctor is to find out your ability to conceive and remain healthy during your pregnancy. This will involve checking your medical history, keeping fit, diet, the disease that normally affects your family and the medication you take.

The Fertility days:
It is important to keep track of your fertility days and to see vaginal discharge. If it becomes clear and thinner, this will tell you that you are more likely to become pregnant at that time. Take a basal temperature to gauge when you are most likely to conceive and also test the level of hormones in your urine to know when you are most likely to be pregnant.

Avoid long haul flights and traveling to areas where there is risk of malaria, plan your travel cautiously but if the travel is an avoidable seek medical advice from your doctor or midwife.

If you’re a smoker, try to stop the smoking habit and if both of you are smokers it can reduce the chances of getting pregnant. Smoking can affect the health of the mother and the baby and women who smoke during their pregnancy face a risk of still birth, miscarriage, premature birth, low weight babies and complications during birth.

Understanding your ovulation is the key to conception. Find out your ovulation date and the fertile days in your ovulation calendar in seconds…More at Ovulation App

Alcohol taking:
It is much safer not to drink during pregnancy, but in case you decide to drink avoid getting drunk. Alcohol can damage men’s sperm production while for the women it damages the development and health of the baby.

Environmental Factor:
If you are planning to become pregnant avoid area or surroundings that may be harmful to your pregnancy. Some areas may be harmful to the mother and the health of the baby.

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Tips and How-To Instructions for Making Meatloaf

In America, meatloaf is considered a basic comfort meal that brings back exciting childhood family meal memories. There are very many ingredients that can be used for the meatloaf. If an item can be incorporated into a burger it is also good with the meatloaf. Using many ingredients will however take a longer time to cook but in the end it will still taste good. Below you will find instructions on making a great tasting meatloaf. You will need, a large bowl, chopped onions and garlic, eggs, rice, ground beef, pepper and salt.

I know that meatloaf sometimes gets a bad rap, mostly I would venture a guess that it's usually based on past experiences with a dry, tasteless glob of meat. On the other hand, I actually enjoy a good meatloaf myself and so does The Cajun, and I've discovered that using the slow cooker is a great way to get it on the table, when you've got a busy day….More at Deep South Dish: Slow Cooker Meatloaf

Turn on the oven and set it at 350 degrees F and put ground beef in a bowl. Crack an egg into the bowl, 1 per pound, add a tablespoon of onions and garlic, add half a cup of rice for 2 pounds of ground beef. Wash your hands and mix all the ingredients in the bowl. This should be done carefully to mix them up well. Wash your hands thoroughly when done. Put a cooling rack on a cooking sheet and spray it with cooking spray. Place the mixture on the cooling rack and shape wit with your hands to look like loaf. This should be less than 2.5 inches tall.

This meatloaf recipe is really delicious and never ever dry, due to the cooking method (it's bathed in broth!)….More at Nibbledish

Cooling rack is used to drain off excess grease from the meatloaf. Put this into the previously heated oven and wait for 20 minutes. When it is done remove it from the oven and sprinkle ½ a teaspoon of salt and 1 teaspoon of pepper on the meat loaf. You can also use ketchup if desired and place it back in the oven until the burger in the middle reaches 160 degrees. Remove it and place it somewhere to cool for about 10 minutes before eating.

You can experiment with as many ingredients as you wish if you think that it will end up tasting better.

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Tiramisu is a delicious italian dessert. The name Tiramisu means “pick me up”. If you want to prepare a quality tiramisu you should get quality ingredients. Here is a list of ingredients that are needed for making a delicious tiramisu.

Tiramisu is my all-time favorite dessert. It is amazing. Well, I've obviously had some better made tiramisu than others but for the most part, it’s difficult to be disappointed with a tiramisu – a delicious cake moist with coffee aromas and the fluffy decadent mascarpone cream… heavenly!…More at Tiramisu Cupcakes

1.6 large eggs
2.2 packets of mascarphone (8.8-oz/ea)
3.2 packets of ladyfingers(24 fingers per packet)
4.1/2 cup dark rum
5.1 cup espresso
6.1/2 spoon cream of tartar
7.1 spoon of fine cocoa powder
8.1 cup of espresso
9.1/2 spoon of tartar cream
10.1 cup of ultra fine sugar

An easy tiramisu recipe….More at Tiramisu Recipe


1. Put the eggs and mascarpone on the counter for 30 minutes. Allow it to cool to room temperature.

2. To the half cup of dark rum mix espresso add a spoon of sugar. Keep it aside.

3. Mix egg yolk and 1 cup of sugar in a bowl until they are blended well. Add the dark rum and espresso mixture in it and beat well untill they are well blended.

4. In another bowl make a mixture of tartar cream and egg whites. It should be such that the egg whites should make a strong peak.

5. Stir the rum and espresso mixture well. Dip the lady finger into the solution and make a moisty lady finger. If there is any part of the ladyfinger that doesn't look moist, pour or brush some solution on the top of the lady finger until it becomes moist.

6. Make a quick dip of each ladyfinger. Align the ladyfinger at the bottom of the cake pan to make the layers of tiramisu.

7. Pour half of the mascarpone and egg mixture on the first layer of lady finger and the remaining mixture on the second layer of lady finger.

8. Lightly put the cocoa powder on the top of the tiramisu. Cover the tiramisu with the lid and chill it for 8 hours. At the time of serving add fresh cocoa powder on the top of the tiramisu.

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Easy to make Pancakes



  • || OBSERVE || SWEET MOMENTS || Fresh Pancakes, Fresh Fruit Salad, Canadian Maple Syrup || ENJOY ||

Pancakes are among the preferred breakfast foods in the USA. Lots of people complain about not being able to make pancakes perfectly. This recipe is perfect for making pancakes which are nearly impossible to do right, although not with these simple directions. Once you have experienced and perfected this recipe you might want to experiment by adding a dash of vanilla, whipped cream, slices of a favorite fruit, a little cinnamon, or a variety of other things you believe might turn these fundamental pancakes into something you can call your own. Enjoy.

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Things you should have to make these Pancakes:

You will need a whisk, a couple of bowls to mix in, a pan to fry in, some vegetable oil, a measuring cup, spoons along with a spatula to help make your ideal pancakes.

Begin with the Mixing of the Ingredients:

To begin with, put all your dry elements, i.e. 1 3/4 cups of flour, 2 teaspoons of baking powder, 1/4 teaspoon of salt and 1 tablespoon of sugar right into the bowl, after which you will whisk together. Then crack two eggs into another mixing bowl, and add 4 tbsps of melted butter and 1 1/4 cups of dairy milk and mix them well, making sure the eggs are broken up.

Time to Mix the Wet and Dry Elements:

Next, you place together the wet and dry elements. It's wise to pour wet elements to dry elements and stir lightly until you aren’t able to see the flour any longer. You need to make certain you don't over mix as that can make the batter tough. If you would like tender pancakes, you might like to leave a couple of protuberances within the batter.

How to make banana wheat pancakes…More at Pancake Recipe


Preparing the Pan:

Place your pan on the medium-high flame and allow it to warm for some time. You know it's adequately hot whenever you sprinkle a couple of tiny droplets of water onto the surface and they disappear. Dip a paper towel in vegetable oil and run it over the foot of the pan. This can make certain the pancakes don't adhere to the pan.

Cooking the Pancake:

For every pancake, pour half a mug of batter into the pan using a measuring cup or perhaps a ladle. Spread the batter evenly with the rear of a spoon. Wait: Take notice of the pancakes. Bubbles will start to show within the batter. When the popping starts, that's your signal to turn over the pancakes. Turn them over gently by using a spatula and cook that side for about a minute.

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