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Baby Names

January 30, 2013

Tired, After First Day of Accepting Pacifier

Choosing a baby name isn’t as easy as one may come to believe, there is usually a lot to take into consideration when choosing a name for his or her baby. Apparently names don’t just come out of thin air, they must have meanings, let’s take a closer look at some baby names and why some names are cooler than others. It is actually believed that a person’s name generally describes a stereotypic personality.

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Let us look at the convention of names, where they originated and what they mean.

John: it’s a Greek name derived from the Hebrew name yochanan that translate to “Yahweh is gracious” this name owes its popularity from the new testament of the bible, and it’s a very popular name in the world for the male children.

Mary: this names has many variants, it originate from the Hebrew culture pronounced (miryam), and its meaning is not clearly known though it has been associated with some kind of “bitterness” the name translated in Greek is pronounced as Mariam and Maria in Latin, in English its variant took the form Mary. It is quite a popular name among countries with Christian beliefs.

We have seen some of the common names that have been passed down the generations how they came to be and their meaning. Most people name their children after these people because they held a certain personality trait of the name beholder that pleased them.

Other names have come down by generations as a family name, these people often wish to name their children after close relatives. And often the same names ring over and over within the family tree.

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Other people choose to name their babies after an event or emotions that led to their birth, for example, after a couple longing and waiting for a child for a long time and suppose they succeed, they may end up calling their child hope, though hope ascribes more to female gender than to the male.

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