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UFC Guidelines in Mixed Martial Arts Performance

November 23, 2012

Ultimate Fight Championship (UFC) Company, which is the pioneer and regulator of the performance of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), plays a major role in ensuring that MMA competitions are conducted in accordance to their regulations. Ideally, the regulations and guidelines employed by UFC are geared towards promoting palatable fighting techniques which make MMA a sport rather than a human cockfighting scenario.

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Even though there are very many guidelines that govern the performance of MMA, UFC categorizes them into various categories which makes them fully effective and reasonable to competitors, referees, judges and promoters. Outlined below are the guidelines at each category: Weight classification – This company’s regulatory commission has a set of 8 weight classes ranging from Flyweight (265 pounds). Only competitors within the same bracket are allowed to compete with only limited allowance to compete otherwise.

Fighting area guidelines – If the fighting area is a ring, the body sets the ideal size of the ring, height, extension of the floor past the ring and the material used to make the floor, ropes and posts. In addition, every ring needs to have a blue colored corner and a red colored corner on the opposite side.

Ring Equipments – Every ring needs to have a stool with dimensions that conform to the commission’s requirements. Competitors are also supposed to be provided with a water bucket and a bottle of clean drinking water both from promoters of the competition. Outlook and apparel – The commission defines the type of apparel to be used by participants as well as the ‘must-have’ facilities such as gloves and mouthpieces. In addition, the commission may also restrict a competitor from competing if he or she is untidy or has facial hair that impair referees judgment or puts any of the competitors at risk.

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Offences guidelines – These guidelines stipulates what is allowed and what is not allowed during a UFC fight. For instance, contenders are refrained from pulling their opponent’s hair or kicking on the groin. Types of contest results – Through these guidelines, the commission defines the various types of results which includes Technical knockout (TKO), Knockout (KO), win by submission, Decision via scoreboards, Disqualification, Forfeit, Technical Draw or No Decision.

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