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UFC Welterweight Title Fight Has Mixed Martial Arts Community Buzzing

November 15, 2012

Jesse Bongfeldt

MMA is abuzz with anticipation of the Ultimate Fighting Championship Welterweight Championship. This event, UFC 154, features GSP (Georges St. Pierre) making his debut comeback after being away from professional MMA for more than a year and a half. Treated for his successful knee reconstruction after an injury, St. Pierre was sent to the same surgeon who has performed the operation for an NFL quarterback. The UFC took care of the medical arrangements and everything is on pace to be quite the event.

The list of medical suspensions and injuries has been released today (Nov. 15, 2012) for those fighters competing at the UFC on FUEL TV 6: “Macao” event this past weekend (Nov. 10), which took place at the CotaiArena in the People’s Republic of China….More at UFC on FUEL TV 6 medical suspensions and injuries: Rich Franklin 

Although due to the many years GSP has left his mark on the MMA scene with his fighting spirit and big wins, some feel the current interim welterweight champion Carlos Condit deserves more credit and a share of the spotlight for his impressive showings in MMA especially with the UFC where his strong mixed martial arts secured him a string of six years without a professional loss.
Both the fighters Condit and St. Pierre, have had experience with the same trainer in times past, but the trainer decided he will not be in either fighter’s corner to keep everything fair.

Heading into the fight, MMA star GSP is a 3 to 1 favorite to win the welterweight title back, although Condit who is the current interim welterweight champion says he is confident he will fight a winning fight and leave the octagon as official welterweight champion.

Krampmann-Hendricks Friendship “Won’t Matter” in UFC 154 Showdown….More at UFC Fight

This would be a stunning upset to most in the MMA community due to how experienced St. Pierre is with big high stakes fights and yet Condit has been quite content to be seen in the shadows of other MMA stars in the past and let his mixed martial arts do all the talking he needs. As a result, both MMA fighters have decided to avoid any trash talk or rivalry before the title fight which many UFC fighters have engaged in during past main event preliminaries. In my opinion, this shows both St. Pierre and Condit to be class act MMA fighters.

So who do you want to win the welterweight champion title belt?

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