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October 17, 2012




Tiramisu is a delicious italian dessert. The name Tiramisu means “pick me up”. If you want to prepare a quality tiramisu you should get quality ingredients. Here is a list of ingredients that are needed for making a delicious tiramisu.

Tiramisu is my all-time favorite dessert. It is amazing. Well, I've obviously had some better made tiramisu than others but for the most part, it’s difficult to be disappointed with a tiramisu – a delicious cake moist with coffee aromas and the fluffy decadent mascarpone cream… heavenly!…More at Tiramisu Cupcakes

1.6 large eggs
2.2 packets of mascarphone (8.8-oz/ea)
3.2 packets of ladyfingers(24 fingers per packet)
4.1/2 cup dark rum
5.1 cup espresso
6.1/2 spoon cream of tartar
7.1 spoon of fine cocoa powder
8.1 cup of espresso
9.1/2 spoon of tartar cream
10.1 cup of ultra fine sugar

An easy tiramisu recipe….More at Tiramisu Recipe


1. Put the eggs and mascarpone on the counter for 30 minutes. Allow it to cool to room temperature.

2. To the half cup of dark rum mix espresso add a spoon of sugar. Keep it aside.

3. Mix egg yolk and 1 cup of sugar in a bowl until they are blended well. Add the dark rum and espresso mixture in it and beat well untill they are well blended.

4. In another bowl make a mixture of tartar cream and egg whites. It should be such that the egg whites should make a strong peak.

5. Stir the rum and espresso mixture well. Dip the lady finger into the solution and make a moisty lady finger. If there is any part of the ladyfinger that doesn't look moist, pour or brush some solution on the top of the lady finger until it becomes moist.

6. Make a quick dip of each ladyfinger. Align the ladyfinger at the bottom of the cake pan to make the layers of tiramisu.

7. Pour half of the mascarpone and egg mixture on the first layer of lady finger and the remaining mixture on the second layer of lady finger.

8. Lightly put the cocoa powder on the top of the tiramisu. Cover the tiramisu with the lid and chill it for 8 hours. At the time of serving add fresh cocoa powder on the top of the tiramisu.

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