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Easy to make Pancakes

October 11, 2012



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Pancakes are among the preferred breakfast foods in the USA. Lots of people complain about not being able to make pancakes perfectly. This recipe is perfect for making pancakes which are nearly impossible to do right, although not with these simple directions. Once you have experienced and perfected this recipe you might want to experiment by adding a dash of vanilla, whipped cream, slices of a favorite fruit, a little cinnamon, or a variety of other things you believe might turn these fundamental pancakes into something you can call your own. Enjoy.

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Things you should have to make these Pancakes:

You will need a whisk, a couple of bowls to mix in, a pan to fry in, some vegetable oil, a measuring cup, spoons along with a spatula to help make your ideal pancakes.

Begin with the Mixing of the Ingredients:

To begin with, put all your dry elements, i.e. 1 3/4 cups of flour, 2 teaspoons of baking powder, 1/4 teaspoon of salt and 1 tablespoon of sugar right into the bowl, after which you will whisk together. Then crack two eggs into another mixing bowl, and add 4 tbsps of melted butter and 1 1/4 cups of dairy milk and mix them well, making sure the eggs are broken up.

Time to Mix the Wet and Dry Elements:

Next, you place together the wet and dry elements. It's wise to pour wet elements to dry elements and stir lightly until you aren’t able to see the flour any longer. You need to make certain you don't over mix as that can make the batter tough. If you would like tender pancakes, you might like to leave a couple of protuberances within the batter.

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Preparing the Pan:

Place your pan on the medium-high flame and allow it to warm for some time. You know it's adequately hot whenever you sprinkle a couple of tiny droplets of water onto the surface and they disappear. Dip a paper towel in vegetable oil and run it over the foot of the pan. This can make certain the pancakes don't adhere to the pan.

Cooking the Pancake:

For every pancake, pour half a mug of batter into the pan using a measuring cup or perhaps a ladle. Spread the batter evenly with the rear of a spoon. Wait: Take notice of the pancakes. Bubbles will start to show within the batter. When the popping starts, that's your signal to turn over the pancakes. Turn them over gently by using a spatula and cook that side for about a minute.

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