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Diabetes Mellitus And Its Forms

August 27, 2012



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Diabetes, or also known as Diabetes Mellitus, is the combination of metabolic diseases in which high blood sugar is present in a person because of several factors such as the body is not producing much or enough insulin to control the sugar in the blood or it might also be because the cells inside the body is not anymore responding to the insulin which is being produced. Higher amount of blood sugar in the blood can cause symptoms such as polydipsia, an increase in thirst, polyuria, an increase in frequency of urination and polyphagia, increase in appetite or urge to eat.

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There are actually 3 main types of this kind of illness. The 1st type of Diabetes is called the Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus which is mainly caused by the body's failure when it comes to producing insulin thus, this will require that particular person to produce insulin inside the body by injecting it or wearing an insulin pump to support the body's need. This type of Diabetes was also known as the IDDM or the insulin dependent Diabetes Mellitus or the juvenile Diabetes. The 2nd kind is the Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus which is mainly caused by the resistance of the cells in receiving insulin which will still result in lack of insulin inside the body or insulin deficiency. This kind of Diabetes Mellitus was also known as the NIDDM or non-insulin dependent Diabetes Mellitus or the adult onset Diabetes.

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The 3rd kind or form of Diabetes is the gestational diabetes which usually occurs to pregnant women without any previous diagnosis of having Diabetes but they recently had high blood glucose levels when they became pregnant. The gestational diabetes, if not treated properly, may lead to having a Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. The other kinds of Diabetes Mellitus are congenital diabetes, which is caused by genetic defects when it comes to secretion of insulin and cystic fibrosis related Diabetes which is caused by intake of high doses of glucocorticoids in the body.

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