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Tips On How To Scrapbook

Scrapbooking gives an individual an opportunity to exercise his or her creativity. This can be achieved by keeping all the memories collectively in a single beautiful photo album worth thousands of words. Even though you can purchase a photo album to keep your beautiful photos, scrapbooking is of much fun to keep your photos in one place. The following are some of the tips on how to scrapbook for beginners.

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Always get Organized

Before you begin designing your scrapbook, you need to choose which photos best express or describe the moment you would like to capture in the photo album. You can design a timeline for all your photos that will describe the memorable moments and events you would like to share and remember. Choose an appropriate number of photos to use since too many photos can be distractive from the actual story you want to express. Only select the relevant photos that relates to your objective of scrapbooking.

Arrange the Essential Tools you Require

There are essential tools that will assist you as you begin creating your own custom-made scrapbook. They include a scissor, adhesive tape, paper etc. Avoid choosing a scissor that will leave rough edges on the sides of the scrapbook paper you are using. You should also use quality paper for picture displayed in frames. There are numerous designs available in the craft stores that will match the backgrounds of your frames.

Selecting your Scrapbooking Templates

You require a template as a guide when creating scrapbook designs. Therefore as a beginner, you might find it hard to begin from zero when creating the pages of your album. Personalized scrapbooking templates will be useful in giving a guidance as you begin your design. You can also get the digital templates available online and in local craft stores. It is therefore important for you to choose the best template that fits well as per your preferred designs.

Ideas for Scrapbooking layout

When creating the scrapbooking layout, do not forget to preserve the front page as the title page. Ensure that you lay out the pictures on every page before you commence decoration or taping. You can use a patterned paper or cardstock to accentuate the designs on every page. Stickers can be the best for embellishments.

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Selecting the Scrapbooking Paper

The most significant equipment when scrapbooking is the paper to be used. You should choose the best color that matches the design and theme of your photo album. The choice for color is important since it compliments the photos and your design.

Follow the above tips on how to scrapbook and you will produce a precious design that everyone will admire.

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Staying In Shape While Pregnant

Fitter than never

You are expecting! This is one of the most joyous times in your life. At the same time, you are naturally concerned about the process of being pregnant and how you can remain healthy and fit during this time.

Your pregnancy will depend on several variables. Following healthy guidelines and listening to your doctors will help improve your chances of having an uncomplicated nine months. The tips from this article will help you stay healthy through your pregnancy….More at How To Properly Stay Fit When You Are Pregnant » Social  – Valkry

First things first, check with your doctor prior to beginning any fitness program while you are pregnant. The key factor is safety for you and your baby. Once you’ve received the green light, you are well on your way to staying strong and fit.

Starting a fitness regimen during your first trimester is probably not the best idea. During this time, you are more than likely dealing with morning sickness and the possibility of miscarriage is still prevalent. Therefore, most women find it most beneficial and safe to begin their regimen during their second trimester.

Yoga is a great activity to consider while pregnant to stay fit. You will utilize your natural body weight to strengthen various areas of your body. Yoga is especially beneficial toward strengthening your core. Your abdominal area will be in high demand during the delivery process. You want to ensure your muscles are strong and ready!

Swimming is an excellent full body workout while pregnant. Your heart rate will increase rapidly, thus delivering a great cardio workout. Swimming is also low impact and very soothing on the body in general.

Light weight training is a source of staying fit while pregnant. The more lean muscle you have, the easier it will be to pop back to your pre-baby weight once you have given birth. Keep this light and simple. Always remember you can increase your intensity once you have been released from your doctor. If the weight is too heavy, you may hold your breath while lifting, thus stopping blood circulation to your baby. So take it easy!

Together with regular doctor visits, the Pregnancy Weight Gain Calculator allows you to modify your diet and lifestyle as needed to stay within your healthy weight range. Regular monitoring can also reveal sudden changes that might signal a problem….More at Weight Gain

Aerobic activities such as riding the stationary bike, brisk walking, the stairmaster for 30 minutes a day, or even water aerobics are great low impact, non-weight bearing physical activities. Each will help to improve your heart healthy life style through improved blood circulation and you will notice a decrease in cravings.

You can breathe a sigh of relief! As you can see, there are several safe and effective options to allow for an active lifestyle even while pregnant. You will appreciate this decision for the health of you and your new bundle of joy!

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Baby Names

Tired, After First Day of Accepting Pacifier

Choosing a baby name isn’t as easy as one may come to believe, there is usually a lot to take into consideration when choosing a name for his or her baby. Apparently names don’t just come out of thin air, they must have meanings, let’s take a closer look at some baby names and why some names are cooler than others. It is actually believed that a person’s name generally describes a stereotypic personality.

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Let us look at the convention of names, where they originated and what they mean.

John: it’s a Greek name derived from the Hebrew name yochanan that translate to “Yahweh is gracious” this name owes its popularity from the new testament of the bible, and it’s a very popular name in the world for the male children.

Mary: this names has many variants, it originate from the Hebrew culture pronounced (miryam), and its meaning is not clearly known though it has been associated with some kind of “bitterness” the name translated in Greek is pronounced as Mariam and Maria in Latin, in English its variant took the form Mary. It is quite a popular name among countries with Christian beliefs.

We have seen some of the common names that have been passed down the generations how they came to be and their meaning. Most people name their children after these people because they held a certain personality trait of the name beholder that pleased them.

Other names have come down by generations as a family name, these people often wish to name their children after close relatives. And often the same names ring over and over within the family tree.

Sifting through baby names and their descriptions is a lot of fun. Whether you’re looking for a quirky name or a classic name, you’ll be sure to find plenty of inspiration with the Baby Names app….More at Baby Names

Other people choose to name their babies after an event or emotions that led to their birth, for example, after a couple longing and waiting for a child for a long time and suppose they succeed, they may end up calling their child hope, though hope ascribes more to female gender than to the male.

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Knowing Pregnancy Symptoms

Pregnancy symptoms differ from one woman to another. The symptoms also vary from one pregnancy to the next. There are pregnancy symptoms that will come as early as 6 days after conceptions and other signs will come later on. It is very important to note that symptoms that may look similar to those of pregnancy may be caused by other reasons such as infections hence care must be taken to confirm the cause most preferably by taking a pregnancy test. The following are some of the most common symptoms of pregnancy.

Pregnancy throws your body for a loop. As you grow a baby all kinds of symptoms show up. Of course morning sickness, everyone knows about that one. You have to pee – a lot. And don’t forget stretch marks. Plus, your breasts expand, your belly gets enormous, your feet grow, and if you are lucky your hair gets gorgeous and shiny….More at The pregnancy symptoms no one warns you about | BabyCenter Blog

Light bleeding:
This is also called spotting. It is caused by implantation of the embryo into the uterine wall. This will normally happen 6 to 12 days after conception. This may also be accompanied by cramping.

Missing the period:
It is the most common sign to look for. When a woman conceives, then she has to miss the next menstrual period. However some women may have some bleeding but this will be light and will take much shorter time than the normal periods.

Swollen breasts:
The breasts may become tender and sore. This may be caused by hormonal increase in the body.

When you are pregnant, you may feel tired more often without having done any task.

Headache and backaches:
When pregnant a woman may experience chronic backaches and mild headache. The headache is caused by a sudden rise in hormones in the body.

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Urge to urinate frequently :

This happens after 6 to 8 weeks. Conception will cause secretion of hormones which will cause blood to flow to the kidneys at a higher rate hence the bladder gets filled quickly.

There many more symptoms which may appear in some women. These includes nausea, high body temperatures, abdominal pain, some white virginal discharge, food cravings and aversions ,constipation, dizziness as well as mood swings.

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A Little Bit of Pregnancy Advice

1 weeks to go woohoo !!

Including your partner in your pregnancy will help you feel more secure about what is going on and make your partner feel less left out while you experience the many wonderful things you are about to go through. Granted, there are going to be parts of your pregnancy that both you and your partner could be left out of, but their involvement will help you through those times as well. Here are a few great ways to ensure that your partner is getting the most out of this pregnancy as well as yourself.

Researchers interviewed 24 women after the birth of their first child: 12 overweight and 12 obese. All 12 of the overweight women exceeded the recommended pregnancy weight gain, and nine of the obese did. The findings appear in Women’s Health Issues….More at – Providers skimp on advice about pregnancy weight

You are going to have many doctor appointments, ultrasounds and tests that need to be done over the next nine months. Invite your partner to join you for these appointments. From about eight weeks on, you and your partner will get to hear your baby’s heartbeat at each regular appointment. The ultrasound is going to be the first time you see your baby, so your partner’s attendance is a wonderful way for both of you to share this time.

Keep the lines of communication open. Discuss all of the feelings that you are having and encourage him to share his feelings as well. You are likely going to go through a wide array of emotions over the next several months, and not sharing them with each other can cause both of you emotional difficulties.

Discuss what kind of parenting techniques you want to use once the baby comes. Are you going to co-sleep with your little one? Are you going to breastfeed your baby? Are you going to work outside of the house? If so, are you going to use a nanny or a daycare facility? Discussing these things beforehand will help you both find a technique that you can both agree on.

Do not try to hide your discomforts or your pleasures from your partner. Share the best and the worst of times with them so they know exactly what you are going through. He may not have to feel the nausea or the aches and pains, but him knowing that you are uncomfortable will help him appreciate what you are going through.

Do as much shopping for the baby as possible together. Getting out and looking at all of the adorable baby clothes and toys as well as the necessary furniture could help you both. This way, you can both have a say in what you are going to buy for your baby. Decorating the baby’s nursery together will be something that you remember for the rest of your lives.

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Create a pregnancy book that you both take the time to fill up. Include pictures of events that you attended while pregnant, the ultrasound pictures, descriptions of what you are feeling and any other memories that you will one day cherish. Seeing what each of you has to enter into the book will be a great thing for your entire family to look back on one day.

Your partner will never get to feel how a baby growing inside you feels, but you can do at least this much to allow them to feel included in the pregnancy. Use these tips as well as any other ideas you might have to make this a wonderful event for your entire family.

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Discuss Pregnancy Issues

head to head

There are several health issues that are of concern during pregnancy. The health issues can involve the health of the mother, the child or both. A number of women got health problems before they conceived that can result to complications. However, other problems come up as a result of pregnancy.

The World Health Organization recommends that pregnant women make a minimum of four visits to a doctor, nurse or midwife before their babies are born. But in many parts of the world, a lack of resources and trained staff make that almost impossible. And when visits do happen, health professionals often rely on the Pinard horn for antenatal diagnosis….More at A Mobile Ear for Pregnancy Problems | PRI’s The World

Health issues before conceiving:
Before conceiving, one should inform her doctor as regard her health problems she is having or have suffered from in the past. It is important to notify the doctor if you are getting treatment for a health problem as the doctor may need to change the way the problem is being controlled. A number of medicines used to manage health problems may be dangerous if taken when expectant. Some of the common health problems before pregnancy include asthma, depression, diabetes, eating disorders, epilepsy and other seizures disorders, high blood pressure, HIV, migraines, overweight and obesity, sexually transmitted infections, thyroid disease and uterine fibroids.

Pregnancy associated problems:
Some health problems sometimes develop due to pregnancy. Carrying out prenatal tests can assist avoid these problems or detect them early. One should follow the doctor’s advice about treatment very closely if a problem is detected. Some of the common pregnancy associated problems include; anemia, depression, preterm labor, ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, fetal problems, placenta previa, gestational diabetes, placental abruption, high blood pressure, hyperemesis gravidarum, and preeclampsia .
Infections during pregnancy

Though the baby is often protected from many diseases, such as flu or a passing stomach bug, some infections may be harmful to the baby and yourself. It is important to know the symptoms of infections and what do to stay healthy. Simple steps, like washing hand, practicing safe sex and avoiding certain foods, may assist in preventing infections. Some of the common infections include; bacterial vaginosis, cytomegalovirus, urinary tract infection, Group B strep, hepatitis B virus, influenza, listeriosis, parvovirus, sexually transmitted infection, toxoplasmosis, and yeast infection.

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When to call a doctor:
You should call a doctor as soon as you have something worrying you. Occasionally, physical changes may be symptoms of a problem. You should call a doctor immediately if you experience bleeding, severe headaches, sudden swelling in the face, hands or legs, lower abdomen pain, fever or chills, vomiting, pain when urinating, blurred vision, feel dizzy, when the baby is not playing and have thoughts of hurting yourself or the baby.

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Pregnancy Checklists and Their Importance


A pregnancy is every woman’s joy and knowing just how to go about handling the pregnancy as well as knowing the various stages which you will go through including what to expect all the way until the baby finally comes is very important. There is no easier way of doing this than using a pregnancy checklist. A pregnancy checklist is a list that has been professionally developed and includes all the stages as well as things to look out for during the term of the pregnancy. The checklist helps the woman know exactly where she is with the pregnancy as well as what to expect next. Such a checklist helps in the elimination of panic from the woman as she is reassured that all that is happening is normal.

Many sufferers have been searching the internet as of late for advice on pregnancy while having this beast so I’ve decided to devote today’s posting to a pre-pregnancy checklist for all of you thinking about adding a new addition to your families….More at Pre-Pregnancy Checklist for Fibromyalgia Sufferers

The checklist also comes in handy for the woman to know when something is wrong. There are some things that may happen earlier than expected or even later than it should be. In such instances, the woman will know that she needs to see a specialist who will check on her to see if she is okay. There are many pregnancy checklists in the markets with all of them quite similar with only few differences. Getting to pick the right pregnancy checklist may however prove to be a challenge as different pregnancy checklists apply to different women.

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It is therefore advised that a woman gets a pregnancy checklist developed for her by her personal physician as he will know how the pregnancy will go all the way to the end. The doctor will draw the checklist depending on many features associated to the woman. This way, such a checklist will be accurate and if anything is out of place the woman will know that it is time to see her doctor.

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